The campaign aims to cement Datumcorp’s community-building aims by achieving the objectives. The main objective is to increase awareness amongst the public for the contributions of the Orang Asal community to the state. This will be DatumCorp’s first corporate responsibility initiative anchored by the Datum Tap mobile game, the first of its kind in Malaysia. YAB Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, YAB Tuan Amirudin Shari officiated the launch of the campaign on 6 October 2018.















Anchored Corporation 

A collaboration between DatumCorp and educational institution in the form of Anchored Corporation. This is in line with the DatumCorp’s mission and vision for the purposes of workshop and training, research collaboration, consultancy and any type of collaboration that the two parties deem beneficial and fit.

















Bumiputera Entrepreneurial

A business opportunity to support an active, innovative and creative Bumiputera entrepreneurship business ideas through business consultancy, collaboration and impressive business scheme.