Corporate Profile

DatumCorp International

DatumCorp International Sdn Bhd (DatumCorp) a wholely-owned of PKNS was founded on 11 January 2012 as a special entity to become the flagship company of the PKNS Group to undertake the construction of high-value mixed-development property projects in prime and strategic locations across the state of Selangor and beyond.

Branded as "The Datum Series", the mixed developments will be in prime areas in Selangor comprising a combination of residential, commercial, office and retail components, acting as economic catalyst in and around its respective localities. Most importantly, the Datum Series will be the enabler of social and economic activities that will generate urban entities into self-sustaining and dynamic communities.

Through our vision, strengths and aspirations, DatumCorp paves the path towards future-ready innovation and sustainable development, building communities that thrive today and tomorrow. The company’s diversified property industry player portfolio primarily includes property development; property management; Bumiputera entrepreneurial; and investment. DatumCorp leverages its significant properties base, Human Resource development and management, communication expertise, property domain knowledge, product design and development capabilities; and extensive market network to conquer the industry and market segment.

DatumCorp aspires to become a leading premium property developer not only in the state of Selangor, but also beyond its shores, either nationally or internationally.


At DatumCorp, it has forever been our endeavor to become the most progressive brand in the industry. A vision fueled by our ability to deliver quality, professionalism and value to match the best from across the globe. A vision that works towards developing our country into a fully develop nation.


Datum – The visual theme is derived from the architectural terminology “Datum” which is referred to as a point of reference. Datum can be a line, a plane or a volume of reference to which other elements in a composition can relate to. Lines are used consistently as the visual theme to illustrate the qualities of order, continuity and vision that datum expresses.


To build and nurture DatumCorp into premier lifestyle company with international presence that delivers quality products and services that enriches lives of stakeholders, add values and everything we do, retain quality human capital, and with long term objective of creating a sustainable stakeholder value.


To be an outstanding global brand that touches lives of people through our products, services and values besides inspiring lives through premier lifestyle solutions.


Our corporate values define the expectations we have for working with each other and our stakeholders.


DatumCorp are committed to do things extraordinary well to achieve superior performance.


Attentively we are in exploring creative ways to create solutions that add value to our stakeholders.


 Together we strive towards providing superior stakeholder experience in everything we do.


United we are to collaborate and complement each order towards achieving common goals.


Mastery the highest standard of professional behaviors and ethics in order to gain the trust of our stakeholders.


“Bridging to the Future.”

The concept behind the planning and design of all DatumCorp projects is the incorporation of environmental sustainable features, bridging the gap between the past era and the future era trends together with the latest technology. Each mixed development, which may consist of one or a combination of residential, commercial, office and retail components, will act as economic catalysts of growth in an around its locality. Providing opportunities for people from all walks of life, the DatumCorp properties will redefine, rejuvenate and grow not only the economy of the local neighborhood but also beyond. Existing property owners in the vicinity will also see value and capital appreciation of their properties. DatumCorp will undertake measures to ensure that the Datum Series are world-class standards and become a premier iconic future lifestyle engineering in providing quality homes and functional spaces that meet the highest standard towards enriched stakeholders’ lives. As such, it will work with the best architects, engineers, contractors and material suppliers in the industry from Malaysia and abroad. As part of corporate social responsibility (CSR), DatumCorp also committed towards promoting environmental sustainability and lifestyle for a greener planet. DatumCorp plans to offer a visually impressive piece of architecture and understand that creating a perfect lifestyle setting is the cornerstone of every successful project. DatumCorp aims in offering buyers a sense of satisfaction and refinement once they step into any of DatumCorp’s developments. You can now own a piece of your future through DatumCorp.