Company Profile

DatumCorp International

Datumcorp International Sdn Bhd a wholely owned of PKNS has been set up to become the flagship company of the PKNS Group to undertake the construction of high-value mixed-development property projects in prime and strategic locations across the state of Selangor and beyond.

Branded as "The Datum Series", the mixed developments will be in prime areas in Selangor comprising a combination of residential, commercial, office and retail components, acting as economic catalyst in and around its respective localities.

Datum Jelatek, Kuala Lumpur will be the first Datum Series undertaken by Datumcorp International Sdn Bhd (DCI).

Our Vision

To be an outstanding global brand that touches lives of people through our products,services and values besides inspiring lives through premier lifestyle solutions.

Our Mission

To build and nurture DCI into premier lifestyle company with international presence that delivers quality products and services that enriches lives of customers,add values and everything we do, retain quality human capital, and with long term objective of creating a sustainable stakeholder value.

Core Values OF DCI

                                      EXCELLENCE     -   Datumcorp are commited to do things extraordinary well to achieve superior performance.

                                                  INNOVATION    -   Attentively we are in exploring creative ways to create solutions that add value to our customer.

                                   COMMITMENT    -   Together we strive towards providing superior customer experience in everything we do.

                                        TEAMWORK     -    United we are to collabrate and complement each order towards achieving common goals.

                                                                           INTEGRITY      -     Mastery the highest standard of professional behaviors and ethics in order to gain the trust of our shareholders.